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There are various comments on this website from current and former students of NIE, especially about the E&C Department, some of the comments do not reflect the department in good light.
In the interest of preserving free speech on the Internet, these comments have not been deleted from the site, but to stay within the decency inherent in Indian culture, we have moderated the postings and replaced the swears with other masked words.

Lately we have received communication from some faculty with their side of the story and we think it is valid and valued to present that point of view.
It seems like over the past 4 years since Mr Bhojkumar took over the reins at the E&C department, things seem to have become better (at least that is the faculty view). The departments earlier practices seem to have ceased. (There was neither admission or denial about the past practices)

NIE is not as bad as portrayed in the postings on the site - in fact it is probably just as bad as any other college in India. The reason, we have such comments is the fact that this website is not college controlled and censored. Other college websites are controlled and censored and do not really reflect the democratic nature of the country to which they belong.
It is a good thing that we have a website that allows people to express their views and maybe as a result of that expression, things have changed in NIE !
The power of the pen (now Internet) has always been talked about, now - maybe it did make a difference.

NIE has an official site and they also have an email address for the Alumni association - The NIE Alumni seems to be very active based on the following information -
"4 months back, the Alumni Association met at Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore. This meet was well attended with over 400 Alumni starting from 1950 batch to 2001 batch. The association is quite active now."

So go ahead write to the alumni (cc , so that we can let the others know !

- Webmaster
Oct 6th 2002

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