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The Faculty of the Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department
National Institute of Engineering , Mysore


Most of the information about the faculty was true as of circa 1995 , the year I got out of the slammer. The fields represented against their names are the courses that they taught me,and may/may not be representative of their fields of expertise.

Professors/Associate Professors/Assistant Professors

 Dr. K. Raghavendra Rao    - Computer Applications to Power
 Dr. J. Gopalachar         - Control Systems , Modern System Theory
 Dr. K. V. Srinivasa       - Electrical Machinery , High Voltage Engg.
 Dr. A. S. Aravinda Murthy - Circuit Theory ,Power Electronics 

Lecturers / other faculty

 Mr. N. Kumar            - Power System Analysis , Electrical Machinery
 Mr. H.V. Sai Kumar      - Control Systems
 Mr. Anantha Padmanabhan - Switchgear & Protection , Relays
 Mr. A.D. Kulkarni       - Transmission & Distribution , System Stability
 Mr. Nagendra Prasad     - Economic Operations , Electric Drives