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The Hostel Gang Inc.
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Welcome to The NIE Hostel Domain

The world is a Bad place; we make it Worse

The place where all the revolutions began, the 'NIE Strike' think tank abode. We were the ones that could never take it lying down, never a dull moment, never a moment of silence, always together, though in groups sometimes, but out on the streets on the very mention of a strike. Excitement 24 hrs of the day - you could always find some one partying. Where the joys of life were plenty & where there were always shoulders to cry on at times of distress & glasses up in the air with the ringing of 'Cheers' on the most trivial of reason or lack thereof. A treasure house of experience in studies, life, or the matters of the heart, behind the college in location but always ahead. A terror for the management, a friend of the lonely, a training ground for the immature, a playground for the players, a heaven in the neighbouring Ashokapuram.
Yes , people you've come to the right place.

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