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Name:     Jairam Krishnamurthy
Recollections: More than the girls, you should ask the guys to send in their recollections here. The place which kept NIE alive i would say is the girls hostel, coz, invariably you could find a bunch of guys discussing girls at any time. It was so amazing, the guys would be talking about an incident which would have occured lesser than a few minutes in the LH in so much detail and with so much interest,.... Not even all the girls in the LH would be aware most of the times I guess. Then you had the temple there, what an excuse, bhagwaan ka darshan ho jaayega aur devi maa se prasad le lenge. One could find a bunch of guys waiting for the darshan of some girl outside the gate almost every evening. I should not be talking too much about this I guess. Girls are fun yaar, be good to them guys.
Dept: Mechanical

Name:     Denzil
Recollections: Hi LH friends,
though i was a long timer at NIE , the ladies hostel always remained a enigma, a mystery to me. I longed for a visit to LH but my ego prevented me from hanging around the place ( not needed for a dude like me) . I do remember a occasion when I had to pick up a girl ( hmmmm..... Nandini if I remember right) for a new year party at our house & I was thrilled , overjoyed ... Ii used to ride very often to JP nagar via LH and I used to feel good even if a girl passed a casual look. I think the road from LH to college was important, as it was a kind of catwalk for the CHAI SHOP studs. I also observed many changes over the years like girls coming to ANDHRA MESS ( my home away from home), late nights, RL , PELICAN etc. & generally moving around more ( this is purely my observation & it is not meant to offend anybody , also, it could be out of disgust cause I never had my share of fun. Apologies, but some of my LH favourites where XXXXXXXX (cs), XXXXXXXXXX (e&c) ... (forgot a few, probably loss of memory). Anyway , it was a great , unforgetable , 'SAKATH' (kannada) experience . I am an optimist & I still beleive that I can meet some LH friends on the net . briefly about me , name - Denzil , branch - E&C , joined - 1989 , finished - @#$%%^ , presently reformed and doing well at DSQ software , Chennai E-MAIL - bye ! take care ! best wishes to all LH BABES ! DENZIL
Dept: E&C

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