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Industrial and Production


In the initial stages after it is been split with Mechanical department it was considered as one of the most dangerous department. Things changed gradually and became one of the popular branch with its dedicated teaching staff , labs and enthusiastic students. The class strength usually ranges from 35- 40 which is a good average both for student and lecturer. The department has young and energetic teching staff. Students of I&P department always kept the NIE name flying high by securing ranks every year in the Mysore university Examinations.


Dr. Soma Sundaram   - Professor, HOD
Dr. Rajendra             - Professor
Dr. G.L.Shekar          - Asst.Professor
Dr. Sham Prasad        - Asst.Professor
U.N.Ravi Kumar         - Lecturer
Varadarajan              - Lecturer
K.M. subbaiah           - Lecturer
Mohan Ram               - Lecturer
Mohamad Ismail         - Lecturer

Labs and Workshops

Metrology Lab
One of the famous labs of NIE. This has all the gauges and precise measuring instruments one can find in production environment. Lab is being shared by Mechanical students also. Metro Lab exam was considered one of the toughest after Engg. Drawing.

Work Study Lab
Deals with motions of various body parts while assembling products and optimizing the same. Distribution of cards, assembling marbles look like child play during lab hours but not so during exam time. There is also a walker those who want to have some body exercise.

Machine Tool Lab & Computer Center
In line with the recent computer trends IP department has its own computer center. This gives students an opportunity to learn the usage of computers in computer aided design and manufacturing. Also the lab is a great asset for final year students to carryout their projects.


The Society of Industrial & Production Engineers
This society is an association of I&P students. Each year new representatives from each batch of students are elected to this Society. The society carries out many activities both related to the curriculum and extra-curricular. These activities are managed by the student representatives and other students under the guidance of the HOD and a Staff Advisor


The performance of I&P students both academic and otherwise has been appreciable in recent years. I&P has established its identity very clearly through great results in the exams and active participation in other activities. SIPE is one of the means through which the I&P department gets regular identification.

The students of I&P have been regularly getting recruited at the Placement sessions.
In 1998, I&P had six placements out of a total strength of 38.
In 1999, I&P had three placements so far.


Very recently Dr. B.J. Ranganath, Professor of I&P department was retired. Some may feel a sigh of relief after getting this news. Whatever it is, there is no substitute for him and his knowledge in metal cutting theories.

Creator's Thoughts
My name is Srinivas Bhat, currently working in US as a software professional. I was a student of I&P department from 1985 -1989. I worked as a lecturer in the same department before leaving for my higher studies in August 1991. Looking back just reminds me the nice time I spent during these days. The canteen , assingments, attendence, tests, HOD and of course girls are just memories.

Note: I am looking for current information on the department.I appreciate if someone can help me in this regard.
My Sincere thanks to Kiran.J.Holla guest lecturer in I&P department for providing me an update.

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