Often referred to as "Royal Mech",we considered ourselves better than the rest. We were the students of Mechanical Engineering at the National Institute of Engineering and we thought of ourselves as the most macho, the most hard boiled of all men. We were a bunch of hot headed young men back in the summer of 1993 when we graduated; now, after a little time, here some of us look back at some of the best days of our lives.

Name: Ashok Chandrasekhar

First of all, for those of you who don't know me, i was famous for being late always, be it for a class or an exam. I used to enter the exam hall at 9.20 am for the 9.00 am exam. But i wasn't always like that. I used to go to KBS's (K. Balasubramanyan's ) class on time ALWAYS. (we were never allowed into the class after he entered). Forget classes and exams. Let me tell you something that i always thought was really wierd. During the college festival, 'Tech NIE cs', why were the girls and the guys seated in different sections?? If the college doesn't have a healthy attitude towards this, how would the students ??!! i do realize the circumstances under which these precautions have been taken, but still i'm not sure if it is really the right thing to do. let me know if any of you have any comments on this.
a thought: Success comes before work only in a dictionary !
Wishing you all the very best , always !
Dept: Mechanical

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