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Aug 20 2001

Latest News
Shastri and Aditya  have some latest news and pictures on NIE - Click to check it out !

May 22nd 2001

The latest from NIE, courtesy of Narasimha Shastri
Final sem. Mechanical ( )

Hello to everybody out there in the wild world. I still have half a semester to leave my Alma matter and enter your world. I thought I would brief all you nostalgic guys/gals about what's happening right now at our beloved NIE.

Here are a few things that have changed after many of you guys left the college.

-----------------Academic/Official Dept.-------------------
* We have a beautiful "Golden Jubilee Complex" inaugurated in 1999 by N.R.Narayanmurthy. The building is very well designed, constructed, and maintained. Dr.S.N.Karnik is getting rave reviews for the excellent structural design of the building. The building has 24 classrooms and 6 seminar halls and n number of individual staff rooms.

* NIE now offers BE in Information Sciences and Master of Computer Applications (MCA) courses.

* Dr.T.R.Seetharam retired as The Principal and now Dr.Somsundar from Ind.Prodn. is the Principal. He is also expected to retire sometime now, the next principal maybe either Dr.Shivkumar(CS&E) or Dr.DPG(Civil).



Civil Engineering


Computer Science


Electrical & Electronics


Electronics & Communications


Industrial Production Engg.


Mechanical Engineering 


* Mysore University recently became the only university to get a 'five star' status. However batch of 2001 is the last batch from Mysore Univ. Batches 2002 onwards are affiliated to the State level Vishveshvariah Tech.Univ.

* Whole of the 'Old building' is undergoing a rejuvenation process. The quadrangle has an excellent lawn that won 'best lawn' award during last Dasara. The office is shifted to a location which used to be Room No 107,108(Staff room),109and 110. Metrology lab has been shifted next to the seminar hall. Mechanical engineering HoD's office is just opposite to the chemistry lab (this was for truly old students). Sunil's Xerox centre below staircase has been vacated since we do not have any classes in the old building and he couldn't sustain business. In the first floor, most rooms have been converted to computer labs. 212A,212B,213,214 (Rooms just above principal's old office)have been joined together to  form computer centre for MCA and Info Science. This centre has a dedicated microwave Internet link. 215 drawing hall is intact while 218 drawing hall has been converted into CAD/CAM lab for Mech. and IP students. 213 has been converted in to a nice office for Dept. of placement and training(See next paragraph). We also have computer centres for EE and EC students in the second floor. An amateur radio centre is operational by some  interested Staff and students. Any HAM enthusiast can try call sign VU2 NIF.

* Department of Placement and Training is doing a wonderful job recently. It is being headed by Mr.R.Dattakumar from Mech.engg.dept. Batch of 2001 saw excellent placement. We had around 250 job offers ( for around 200 students) from many reputed companies including Infosys, Wipro soft, Wipro peripherals, Philips soft, Cisco, Lucent, Motorola, SAS(Sasken), HP, Robert Bosch, ITC soft, Sonata soft, Mindtree, Dharma, Tata infotech, Huawei technologies, Siemens, Cognizant, etc in the IT sector and MICO-Bosch, Grindwell Norton, Ashoka-Leyland, L&T, BPL electronics, etc in Manf/Prodn sector. Final toll of companies comes to around 42. If any of you working guys are interested in coming for campus interview to your institute, please mail Mr.R.Dattakumar at

* The Students' Amenities Block containing Canteen and TT/Carrom room was declared unfit for use thanks to Mr.Damodar, the builder. Currently it is undergoing a reinforcement of its pillars while most of old walls are being retained.

* TT/Carrom rooms are now in the cellar of the Golden Jubilee Complex. For all TT enthusiasts, let me tell you the new TT room is very small, defence players will find it difficult.

* Shrikantha's canteen has been shifted to a small room in the management block (IP block). (See the last section for reasons)

* A new and relatively good canteen is run in the Golden Jubilee complex ( or the 'New Building' as we call it) by the proprietor of 'Gayathri Bhavan'(in Dhanvanthri road for those who don't know). Contrary to shrikantha's Bhath and Vade, we get Pizzas, Noodles, veg burgers etc. in the new canteen. And for those living abroad, I am sure you are fed up with these.

* The Chai shop has been rejuvenated and looks better.

* The Sterling/skyline theatres have been closed and efforts are on to convert them into marriage halls. Ganesha Theatre has been demolished. Even Regency has been closed. Very sad thing. However our Uncle/Auntie's milkshake centre in the sterling complex is running fine.

* As far as strikes are concerned we seldom have strikes these days. We have had only one 'One day' strike in last four years and a 'three day' strike in front of Crowford Hall(University's office) for postponement of exams by a week.

* Girish Xerox has expanded business tremendously. It supposedly has its franchise centres in Mandya, Hassan, and even in Manipal(not very sure of any of these). However, he has taken three stalls just next to the Asha hotel on the Manantody road and runs two Xerox and one tea stalls.

* Sudhir in mech.dept. left his teaching post to join Siri Technologies, Bangalore-a software firm - as head of training dept.

******SCHEDULED DATES FOR TECHNIEKS 2001 ARE 29,30,31 MAY (Not yet confirmed)

That is it for now. I shall try to get some photos and upload them in the near future. Mean while all of you are free to mail me personally for some more classified/confidential information. Mail me if you want to know ANYTHING about present NIE. I shall try my level best to locate that piece of information for you.

Feb 20th 2001

NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING COLLEGE BAGS 22 RANKS: The NIE bagged 22 ranks in the engineering examinations of University of Mysore held during August and September last.

October 16th 1999
   NIE has now Online database access of the books at the Library.  The Rs. 3 Crore Golden jubilee Complex of NIE which houses 29 lecture halls, 6 seminar halls & 24 staff rooms will be inagurated by INFOSYS CHIEF Narayana Murthy who is also a alumni of NIE, on Sunday OCT 17th 1999.
- M.V Vinod

30 July 1998
12th CSI(Computer Society of India) Karnataka Students Convention
From: "Dr.M.S.Shivakumar,Professor and Head of CS&E Dept.NIE,MYSORE"
The 12th CSI karnataka students convention is scheduled to be held on 30th,31st Oct and 1st Nov 1998 at N.I.E.,Mysore with an expected student participation of about 400 from all over Karnataka. The call for papers from students have been sent out and Dr.Swarnalatha .R.Rao,Past Chairperson,Bangalore CSI chapter is the Chair person for the program committee. Dr.T.R.Seetharam, Principal,N.I.E., is the organizing Chair and Dr.M.S.Shivakumar,Professor and Head of CSE Dept., is the organizing Secretary.
Look forward for further announcements and details.
With best wishes,

01 Jan 1998
From: "Dr.M.S.Shivakumar,Professor and Head of CS&E Dept.NIE,MYSORE"
The National Institute of Engineering,Mysore is hosting the XII CSI(Computer Society of India) Karnataka students convention during October 1998.During the convention students paper presentation,Invited special Lectures, Panel Discussions and sight seeing to nearby tourist places are planned. All alumnus of NIE are requested to participate and help directly or indirectly to make this event a memorable one for all students of Karnataka.

05 Nov 1997
From: "M.V.Vinod"
NIE & Tor steel research foundation of India, Blore has jointly organized INDIAEX- A national level industrial interaction augmentation exposition on Nov 7, 8, 9

22 Aug 1997
From: "M.V.Vinod"
Practical exams started on 11 august

  • Theory exams starts from 1st september

26 Jun 1997
From: "M.V.Vinod"

  • Technieks, the college's cultural festival is on 8, 9 and 10th of July.
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering Association & IETE Mysore Sub-centre had organised a national level technical symposium, "NIECEFEST" on the 11th and 12th of june.

24 May 1997
From: "M.V.Vinod"

NIE Golden Jubilee Lecture Series
51st lecture by Sri T.K.V Desikachar (Distinguished Alumunus & Mnaging Trustee, Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram,Madras) on "Why the west is heading towards the east -?" on 24th May

23 May 1997
From: "M.V.Vinod"

  • Results declared today
  • NIE & Torsteel Research Foundation in India, Bangalore has organized a lecture on 23rd may on "Construction Equipment - A Worldwide Scenario". The lecture will be delivered by Sri S.A.Reddy, Deputy Managing Director, Gammon India Ltd, Bombay.

17 May 1997
From: "M.V.Vinod"
E&E association has organised Power Cup (cricket tournament) for E&E students & staff. Power Cup started on the 14th Classes for 2nd semester students have started

Our local 'ear to the ground' in Mysore, Vinod sends this in ..... (Thanks Vinod, Good Job)
13 May 1997:
Project batches & project guides have been decided for the 6th semester , Electronics and Communications class.

Vinod, a 6th Sem Student from NIE Mysore writes:
May 3rd 1997:
Mr. Shamsundar, lecturer Mechanical dept is getting married.
1st year students are on holiday.
All others are in class.

{I would like to go on record and say 'Boy I am glad it's them and not me!' -Abhi.}